Automatic Driving School terms

AK Automatic Driving School UK (Terms and Conditions)

Driving Permit and Eye sight

The student must hold a current, legitimate driving licence (temporary or full), which must be created on or ahead of time of their first lesson. The student should likewise watch that they can peruse a number plate at a separation of 20.5 meters (for example 67 feet – around 5 vehicle lengths) with glasses if regularly worn.


Payments can be made straightforwardly to your AKADS (AK Automatic Driving School) instructor with cash and ought to be paid before the initiation of any lessons. Alternatively, payments can be by Debt or Visa can be paid on our website. Monies paid to AKADS will be paid into the specified AKADS account.

The block booking discounts are non refundable. When you get a discount for booking more than one lesson with the instructor and comitting to your course of lessons. If under any special circumstances you stop or change your mind and we also agree to a refund then the discount will not be applied to any refund given. In this situation the number of lessons you have had from the block booking will be charged at the normal hourly rate and deduct from the amount you paid before any money is returned. Advance booking needs to take place within 6 weeks.

The Driving Test

(An) Appointments – Driving tests can be reserved by you or your AKADS instructor on your behalf. Driving test appointments dependably take preference over different driving lessons. Accordingly, your lessons might be deferred to take into account another person’s driving test and could be other way around. Changes to exercise appointments because of this will be informed right away. Test arrangements must be told to your AKADS teacher when they are known, else the school can’t ensure to provide a vehicle to the test.
(B) Utilization of the vehicle – in light of a legitimate concern for client and open security, your AKADS educator maintains whatever authority is needed to retain the utilization of a vehicle for the test if, as they would see it, you are not prepared for driving test as per standards of DVSA or your driving is really or possibly perilous.
(C) Test Cancellation – Three working days’ clear notice of undoing or delay is required by the DVSA. Inability to give the required notice will result in the loss of your test charge. Your AKADS educator can’t be considered in charge of any delay or wiping out of tests by the DVSA. Notwithstanding, the person will do such as is conceivable to orchestrate another test as fast as could be allowed and to assist you with reclaiming costs from the DVSA.

(A) Instructors will always endeavour to arrive to your lesson on time. If they are going to be more than 5 minutes late they will try to call you (this will depend on whether they can stop the car to call, and if they have a mobile phone signal). Arriving late is occasionally unavoidable due to traffic holdups, breakdowns, accidents etc.
(B) If an instructor is late the lost time will either be added to the end of your lesson or added on to a future lesson.
(C) Occasionally lessons times will need to be changed, or a lesson cancelled. If your instructor needs to cancel your lesson you will not be charged for it.
(D) If you are late for your lesson then the time will be lost. If you don’t turn up for a lesson your instructor will wait for you for 10 minutes. Unless they have heard from you, after 10 minutes they will leave and the lesson must be paid for in full.

Learners’ Solace and Wellbeing

In light of a legitimate concern for solace and security, students are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear and dress which does not limit physical movement. Students should likewise observe any drug/alcohol they are taking that may influence their capacity to drive securely and inform their teacher in like manner before taking any exercise booked.

Viruses and Hacking

You should not abuse our site by intentionally presenting infections or other material which is malevolent or innovatively unsafe.
We won’t be responsible for any misfortune or harm brought about by infections or other innovatively unsafe material that may contaminate your PC gear, PC projects or information because of your utilization of our webpage, or on any site connected to it.

Termination of Lessons/use of the vehicle  

AKADS instructor maintains all authority to end lessons if the student is deemed unfit to drive in any capacity whatsoever including sick wellbeing or being affected by liquor or medications. A Student might be declined passage into the vehicle in the event that they are wearing soiled or untidy garments or shoes. AKADS instructor reserves authority to pull back their vehicle from the Student’s driving test if, as they would see it, the understudy isn’t up to test standard.
Cancellation of lessons
Minimum 48 hours prior notice is to be given in case your instructor cancels a lesson, otherwise, the lesson will be rearranged. 

Learners are also required to intimate for lesson cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled lesson, failing of which will result in charging full due payment of the respective lesson(s). One lesson can be cancel/shift only once within the required time period.
In the instances when the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) test is to be cancelled then a minimum of 3 days prior notice is served, it also implements that the instructor’s approval is mandatory to acquire before getting registered for DVSA as you might lose your fee if your instructor does not find your driving skills up-to the required DVSA standards during 3 days after booking your driving test.

Pick & Drop

If you want us to pick up & drop you from different locations to your home address then please give us at least 48 hours notice.

Cancellation policy – COVID -19

If you need to cancel your lesson, at short notice, due to COVID-19 symptoms please inform your Driving Instructor directly as soon as possible. The 48 – hours cancellation policy still applies for driving tuition with AKADS as per our standard Terms and Conditions.